Creating an eBay Account

Create and Setting Up eBay Business Policies

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Create an eBay Seller Account here.
You can choose to create a business account also, if you aren't sure you can always upgrade your personal account to a business account in the future.
You can enter any legal business name, this will just be what your buyers see when they make purchases with you. 

Next is only if you want to sell internationally.

We recommend selling with the eBay Global Shipping Program GSP and only checking the top box like the screenshot below.


Next "opt in" to eBay business policies here.
Business policies may take several hours to show up on your create listings page


First make sure you have opted in to eBay business policies here.

Then edit your eBay shipping settings here and follow the screenshot below.
Check the box "Send it to the US shipping center" if you want to sell internationally and choose no alternative shipping.

Make sure to add the exclusions: Alaska/Hawaii, US Protectorates, APO/FPO, and PO Box because Amazon won't ship to these locations. (These exclusions should already be set by default from Easync).


First make sure you have opted in to eBay business policies here.

Edit your eBay payment policy and check the box that says
"require immediate payment" and be sure your correct PayPal email is entered.
If you don't require immediate payment the buyer isn't required to pay right away. Easync will detect this however and it won't complete the AO on the source market.


First make sure you have opted in to eBay business policies here.

Adjust your return policy, eBay has removed restocking fees but you can set the number of days you'll accept returns.


Setup a payment method to pay your eBay fees or you will get this error "before you can list this item we need some additional information to create a seller's account"
If the above step works, you may want to opt into the eBay Seller Hub, otherwise you're done setting up your eBay account.

If it failed follow these 2 steps below

Step 1. 

You'll need to be using Google Chrome; then on your keyboard hold "ctrl+shift+delete" Then make sure the top 4 boxes are selected and then click the blue box "Clear Browsing Data"

Step 2. 

Click here and you should be prompted to either link a phone number via text code, or you might be prompted to enter your credit card info. Follow any steps you get.


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