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How to start dropshipping. Guide for beginners
How to start dropshipping. Guide for beginners

A Setup Guide for All Beginners with checklist

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If you have a question: how to start dropshipping? We will help you with a kind of a dropshipping guide for beginners. The first you need to do is:

1. Decide if you are selling on eBay, Amazon, or Shopify.

Dropshipping on Amazon, dropshipping on Shopify, dropshipping from Walmart, dropship from Aliexpress to Amazon are often chosen.

To start dropshipping on Amazon, eBay or Shopify create your business model.

Let’s analyze each of these sites.

eBay is the largest online store with an excellent reputation.

The marketplace belongs to the American company of the same name, founded in 1995. Unlike its main competitor, Amazon, eBay INC does not independently sell items, but only provides a trading platform for sellers and buyers. eBay is attractive as a place for profitable shopping.

In addition to the traditional sale of goods at a fixed price on ebay, there is an auction format - the seller sets the starting price, and buyers place bids. Whoever offers more, he gets the right to purchase goods. This format is one of the most popular among buyers, because often allows you to purchase goods at a symbolic price. Becides eBay profit calculator will help you to set the prices.

Amazon is considered the main competitor to the eBay online auction at the moment. And not only in terms of the range of goods, but also in terms of prices. The company has no real stores. All transactions for the purchase and sale of goods are carried out only on the Internet. Therefore, the cost of goods in the online hypermarket remains very low.

The sellers here are both Amazon itself and the sellers who use this platform to sell their goods or services. Amazon devotes a lot of time to developing exclusive branded products, as well as creating the most convenient and customer-oriented service. Every effort is made to get the internet user to want to shop on Amazon and do it regularly.

There are practically no opportunities for fraud on the site, because even the payments received will not be transferred to the seller's account until the buyer confirms the receipt of a quality product. Therefore, it is considered safe to buy from Amazon.

An interesting feature of the site is the ability of the buyer to act as a seller. Any registered user has the right to put up a new or used item for sale.

Amazon to eBay arbitrage makes minimal risk for you. You may open the store for free. If you didn’t get profit it can just easily be backed out of. However, the serious reasons for shutting down a store rarely appear. There are many ways around this to still make a profit.

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs to create their own online stores. Shopify is easy to use, so you should be able to create your own store even if you don't have the proper experience. It is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to start their own online store without any hassle and high financial costs.

Dropshipping on Shopify is the perfect business model for entrepreneurs who are willing to invest minimal funds in starting their business. Shopify is the simplest platform that can be used for this purpose.

How to fulfill orders on Shopify? It’s simple. Choosing the Shopify platform, you never have to worry about the surplus of the product being sold, as you order only the necessary quantity to meet the demand of buyers. This is how the platform differs from traditional e-commerce, when either the production of a product or its wholesale purchase is required. With Shopify, you can control your inventory in just a couple of clicks.

2. Create an Easync account here

Easync provides all kinds of dropshipping services for you online store. Easync is not only Amazon to eBay dropshipping software. With Easync you can do not only dropshipping from Walmart but also dropship from Aliexpress to Amazon or Aliexpress to eBay. Shopify Amazon integration is also available with us.

3. Connect your eBay, Amazon, or Shopify seller account to Easync

4. Choose a source market here

Easync offers a very simple and effective way tp start dropshipping for beginners. People find items they think will sell from source markets such as Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, AliExpress and more. Use our chrome tool to grab those SKUs quickly and create single, hundreds, or even thousands of listings onto eBay, Shopify, or your Amazon Seller Store quickly.

The most popular source market on Easync is Amazon. We support .ca .fr .it .de .es .in.

Easync can create a list of hot items for you to sell. We receive a statistics for the most popular items on eBay. We may include these items in your list. Our customers use this feature regularly.

5. Use our Fulfillment accounts with FBE, or use your existing account here

FBE is Fulfilment by Easync. It means we fulfill your orders using our accounts. All you need to do is top up your FBE balance and you may use FBE right away. Easync provides cashback for the balance replenishment.

6. Connect your google account here, this is needed for Fast AO and Tracking.

Easync will help you to fully automate the process. Right after the buyer made an order on eBay, the product must promptly be ordered on Amazon. Easync can do this for you. Our software offers a great tool called Auto ordering. It places an order for the buyer's address and provides all the tracking information for them. You do not need to pre-buy goods. A purchase is made only after the purchaser makes a purchase at your online store.

7. Learn how to set your profit margins.

In your Easync profile you can set repricing settings which are the most profitable. You can set the percentage or the fixed numbers. We have many parameters for the best price formation!

The listing creation process is fully automated with Easync. Just a few clicks and your online store is filled with listings. Easync сan choose the most popular items for you with an instrument called "hot items". It doesn’t only select products but also create listings for your store consisting of these demanded items. It is made with your approval. This unique feature is a great helper for successful development of your store.

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