Refund Policy of ScaleHat Technologies Ltd. (Trading as Easync)

Easync refund policy

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1. Preamble

This policy delineates the terms under which refunds are provided to subscribers and users of services offered by Easync, a trade name of ScaleHat Technologies Ltd.

2. Agreement to Terms

By subscribing to or purchasing any services or products offered by Easync, you, the user, agree to adhere to the conditions laid out in this Refund Policy.

3. Automatic Payment Renewal

Upon the expiry of any trial period or at the time of subscription renewal, the applicable subscription fees will be automatically debited from the user's assigned account. It is incumbent upon the user to ensure that adequate funds are available to cover this transaction.

4. Fulfillment by Easync (FBE) Service

Users desiring to utilize the FBE service are required to replenish their balance through one of the sanctioned payment methods currently available, which may include but are not limited to PayPal and Payoneer. It is crucial to note that the FBE service accrues separate charges distinct from standard subscription fees.

Draw your attention to! FBE balance is non-refundable. Easync reserves the right to refuse the return of funds on the client’s FBE balance. By replenishing your FBE balance, you automatically accept the terms of the Easync policy. The FBE balance can be used exclusively within the service - to process orders or pay for billing. FBE balance refund is not possible.

5. Refund Eligibility and Procedure

Subscribers wishing to terminate their service agreement and seek a refund must initiate this process within fourteen (14) days from the date of the most recent financial charge. To commence the refund procedure, users must:

a. Engage with Easync's Customer Service Department via the recommended communication channels.

b. Offer a detailed justification for the refund application, specifying the reasons prompting service discontinuation.

c. Provide all pertinent transaction details, encompassing the date and value of the last charge.

6. Refund Determination

On receiving a refund request, Easync will critically assess its validity. While we commit to processing all submissions promptly, it is vital to acknowledge that the sanctioning of any refund is subject to the exclusive discretion of ScaleHat Technologies Ltd.

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