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Easync fees and prices
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You can find information about plans and prices by clicking the link

Before you start working with Easync, ensure enough funds are on your credit card.

Funds deduction from the card is performed automatically on the 1st day of each month.

If there is not enough money on your card, work with the service will be temporarily suspended until your credit card is replenished. After successful payment of the services, you will get access to your profile.

Attention! We strongly recommend that you carefully approach the work with the service. Since payment for services is made automatically, cancellation of payment or refund is NOT PROVIDED. We are not responsible for automatically debited funds. If you want to stop working with the service, we ask you to ADVANCE (BEFORE the funds are debited on the 1st of the following month) to remove your credit card from your Easync account. You can do it yourself on the billing page in the card settings tab. For all questions of interest related to the operation of the service and payment for services, you can contact customer service.

Please pay attention! Easync FBE does not provide a return option for Amazon orders.

Note! We have an order refund policy. Easync takes the fee in these cases:

$0.60 if the customer cancels the order

$0.60 if Amazon cancels the order for unknown reasons, which don't depend on Easync


Return labels are not provided.

Any other operations on orders (cancellation, tracking update, refund) are carried out within 30 (!) days from the order date. Easync is not responsible for orders that have expired.

We wish you a successful working with Easync!

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