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Configuring Your WooCommerce Dropshipping Store and Generating API Keys
Configuring Your WooCommerce Dropshipping Store and Generating API Keys

WooComm Store & API Keys

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Despite the fact that initially WordPress was created and was exclusively a blogging platform, today it has developed to such a level that almost anything can be created on this engine. Moreover, in many cases you can do without even knowledge of web programming, you just need to choose a good template and select the necessary plugins.

Popularity of WooCommrce

WooCommerce is a plugin powered by WordPress. Today, this is the best solution for those who want to create an online store on this platform for WooCommrce dropshipping. The plugin has been downloaded over a million times. WooCommerce is very flexible and easy to use, anyone can understand how it works, and it has hundreds of add-ons. WooCommrce dropshipping is widely spread. More than 30% of online stores worldwide are powered by this plugin.

If you take global statistics, WooCommerce is the absolute leader among best dropshipping websites.

WooCommrce features

Selling any goods: using the WooCommerce plugin allows you to sell both physical and electronic goods in an online store in any shape and size, offer product variations, compound configurations. People usually choose WooCommrce Aliexpress dropshipping or dropshipping from Amazon to WooCommrce.

Flexible delivery settings: the plugin provides very flexible delivery options. You can set up free shipping, flat rate shipping, or instant checkout. It is possible to restrict store delivery to certain countries.

Lots of Payment Methods: WooCommerce comes with the ability to accept most bank cards, PayPal, BACS (bank transfers), and cash on delivery. Need more options? Over 140 regional gateways are integrated with WooCommerce, including popular ones like Stripe, Authorize.Net, and AmazonPayments.

Full control: WooCommerce gives you full control over your online store, from calculating taxes and inventory levels to managing user accounts. Allows you to add and remove extensions, change the design and change settings, as required by the functionality of the store. This makes WooCommrce Aliexpress dropshipping or dropshipping from Amazon to WooCommrce really easy and comfortable.

Design Creation: Storefront is a free WordPress theme available to any WooCommerce store. Together with deep integration with WooCommerce, Storefront prioritizes speed and reliability, eliminating conflicts between theme and plugin after major updates. Define your style by customizing Storefront to your liking, or choose one of the Storefront child themes. It's all up to you and open source.

Scalability: It doesn't matter what size store you want to build, WooCommerce will scale to suit your needs. With a growing collection of over 300 extensions, you can enhance each of the store's features to suit the unique needs of your customers, or even create your own solution.

Extensibility: for WooCommerce, a large number of extensions and add-ons have been created:

-Google Analytics

-Shipping Notes

-PDF invoices and order lists

-Light affiliate program integration

-New product emblems

And the most important thing is that today WooCommerce allows you to create very large online stores with thousands of products located in dozens and even hundreds of categories.

WooCommerce Plugin Benefits

Dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce has it’s features. Since WooCommerce is a plugin for the WordPress engine, the online store will have all the advantages of this engine: security, constant updates, unlimited functionality, usability, excellent indexing, freedom of growth, thousands of plugins and templates, independence and autonomy.

The advantages of the Woodropship Wordpress plugin itself:

-Free. For many people this factor is a weighty argument, especially if you have not yet finally decided on the topic and you have no experience.

-Easy installation - in two clicks (activate the plugin, then click the "Install" button to automatically create the necessary pages).

-A full-fledged powerful online store on WordPress - after installation it is ready to sell, you don't even need to install anything else. All the basic functions of a standard online store are present and even more.

-Clear, user-friendly admin interface - fast, clear and logical store setup.

-Ability to add an unlimited number of products and product categories.

-Lots of plugins - free and paid. Support for all kinds of plugins for WordPress, for example, integration with the store of various social add-ons for WordPress (likes, comments via social networks, etc.)

-A large number of templates (designs), both paid and free - new high-quality, stylish themes for online stores on WordPress are published daily.

-Several payment gateways are built in, ready to go.

-Detailed ordering information. History of changes in the order. Editing orders.

-Several different delivery methods are built in with support for a shipping calculator, flexible delivery cost adjustment.

-The ability to create and apply discounts on coupons (promotional codes) on the site both for all products and for selected ones.

-A convenient analytics system is built in - detailed charts and sales reports.

-Built-in marketing elements - Upsell, Crosssel, Coupons, Sale, various widgets - featured products, bestsellers, etc.

-Buyer's personal account - profile, order history

-Customer reviews for products.

-Automated email notification of new orders, a change in their status, a low level of stock in the warehouse or its absence, as well as after posting a review of the product.

-Inventory inventory and low level email alerts.

-Set up taxes based on country rates.

-Separation of user rights - the ability to organize the work of several store employees with different rights and separate access for each of them.

-SEO optimization. As with WordPress itself, WooCommerce has no problem with this. CNC, sitemap, meta tag markup (titles, descriptions, keywords) for each individual page, the ability to connect analytics - all this is there;

-Usability. Product catalog, product card and various elements of an online store on WooCommerce, understandable for any user, since everything is implemented quite simply;

-Integration with external services

From all of the above, it follows that Internet trade will grow. More and more new online stores will be created. This means that the need for creating online stores and specialists capable of creating them will also increase.

This article will teach you how to prepare your WooCommerce products, configure your WooCommerce store and generate the API keys needed to connect it with your Easync account.


Before beginning, please confirm you are using WooCommerce versions 2.4-2.6 or versions 3.0-3.5.1. Easync does not support other versions.

Preparing your WooCommerce products

Before connecting your WooCommerce store and importing your products into Easync, please verify that your products are set up properly to work with Easync.

Visibility - Make sure your products are Published and have the Visibility set to Public. These are the only ones that will be accessed by Easync.

SKUs - While SKUs are not required on your WooCommerce products in Easync, we recommend that you use them, especially for products with variations.  Add SKUs to your products in WooCommerce before importing them into Easync.

Manage Stock - Confirm that the Manage Stock setting is enabled on all your products, including on the variation level if your products have variations.  This will allow Easync to sync your inventory with the products in your store.

Configuring your Store

The instructions below are based on the WooCommerce layout introduced in version 2.4.  Easync does not support WooCommerce versions prior to 2.4.

To enable the REST API within your WooCommerce store admin, visit the WooCommerce > Settings > API tab and check the Enable REST API checkbox.  Don't forget to save changes.

To verify that you are using the correct Permalink settings, visit Settings > Permalinks (this is on the Wordpress settings page, not the WooCommerce settings)

Use any option EXCEPT for the Default permalink option.

Create a new user with an Administrator role.

Generating your API Keys

The WooCommerce REST API works on a key system to control access.  Once you generate your API keys, you will need to copy and paste these keys into the WooCommerce settings page in Easync.

Visit the WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced tab and click REST API.

Then click Add Key.

Enter a description and choose the user you created in the steps above.  Then set permissions to Read/Write.

Click the Generate API Key button, and your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret will be created.

Keep this window open -- you won't be able to access the key again if you navigate away or close the window.   

In a new window, login to your Easync account and visit and choose woocommerce.   Copy and paste the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret into the fields on this page.  

Then enter your store URL, and click the Submit button.

Once your WooCommerce account has been connected, Easync will attempt to create a Product Tag in your WooCommerce Store to ensure you've setup your connection correctly. You can find and delete this Product Tag in your WooCommerce store by navigating to Products > Tags.

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