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When working with Amazon to eBay listing software, you need to carefully approach the issue of listing design. Dropshipping competition is pretty high. Therefore, it is important that your listings are in the top! It is also important to choose a good Amazon to eBay listing tool to overcome the dropshipping competition. eBay bulk listing is available with Easync.

Let's discuss the issue of optimizing eBay listings.

The most popular product on the market is not always the best. Why? The reason is how well a company is promoting its products. Promotion should be an important part of your business strategy, especially if you are selling online on highly competitive marketplaces where consumers browse millions of similar products. If you don't actively promote your product, you will miss out on valuable sales opportunities. Take into account dropshipping competition.

What is Product Listing SEO?

You probably know that SEO is a Search Engine Optimization. It implies a set of activities aimed at increasing the visibility of a site or web page in major search engines.

Optimization of product listing differs only in that it is important for brands. When working with Amazon to eBay listing software you need to achieve good visibility on Amazon, eBay and other major marketplaces in compliance with various requirements and algorithms of online platforms. Thus, the main thing in product listing is compliance with marketplace rules. Next, we'll show you how to identify popular keywords, understand and find your audience, and stand out from your competitors on the marketplace.

The principles of search engine optimization on marketplaces

Before you start promoting your product and building a listing, it is important to determine which marketplaces are best for selling your brand. If you are selling a niche product such as a pre-owned luxury watch, you need to find marketplaces that specialize in similar items.

To increase your audience reach, you can publish on major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. To do this, you need to understand how online platforms work, that is:

-Understand the target audience of each of them;

-Find out the peak interaction time on different marketplaces;

-Adapt the text style for your post based on the platform while maintaining brand loyalty.

You can start by looking at the product listing of competing brands. Most Amazon to eBay listing tools offer features for searching dropshipping competition. Identify the main competitors and the marketplaces where they sell products. Examine their product listing, text and publication time - all these insights will help you get the big picture of the marketplaces you plan to enter and the secrets of successful sales.

Importance of content in product descriptions.

Once you understand all the nuances of working with the marketplace and analyze your competitors, proceed to creating a product listing. The main goal is to make the description unique, informative and interesting. Sometimes it can be difficult to fit all the information about a product in the text, given the restrictions on the number of characters, so we recommend that you follow these rules:

1. Examine quality data

When creating a product listing, write a few drafts (within the word limit) and ask colleagues and acquaintances to read the text and make edits. The text should contain a description of the product - use adjectives that emphasize the unique selling proposition. Be sure to include all the main keywords in your text to rank top in your search. So, for example, if you are selling mugs, use adjectives that will grab the attention of users: "mugs of impressive volume", "with a solid handle" or "with a beautiful design." There are free online tools to help you find suitable keywords for your listing.

An important listing element is the title. It's not only what potential customers see first, but what sets your product apart from the rest. Be sure to test different options - the results may surprise you. So, for example, the headline "Adidas Yeezy 360 Sneakers" performs worse than "Yeezy 360 Sneakers" because the latter option seems more capacious and simple to consumers, while the brand information seems redundant. It may take a while to get the right headline, but take your time - it really matters! Remember Amazon has a 200-character title limit, so only use the most relevant keywords. The buyer should get a basic understanding of the product based on the photo and title only.

2. Write a good text

It's easy to fall into the trap of florid text and create an inaccurate product description. To gain the trust of the marketplace and its users, when creating a listing, make sure that the wording is accurate - carefully check the accuracy of all the facts. To draw the audience's attention to the main characteristics and benefits of the product, we recommend presenting them in the form of a list with several items. Potential buyers read the list first before deciding whether the product is worth their attention and whether to spend time reading the full text.

3. Keep your product listing up to date

Always highlight information about lineup updates or new product features. To engage a wider audience, write in plain language. Focusing on customers when writing copy can attract those users who otherwise would not be interested in your product. However, it all depends on what you are selling. If you are writing about highly specialized products, your copy should be addressed to customers who are familiar with technical terms.

4. The best text for search engine optimization is a unique product description

Your text should be interesting, unique, captivating! With it, you can tell about your brand and what makes your products special. On marketplaces, you can find a huge number of unmemorable listings, written in a gray and boring way. Write unusual text about the distinguishing features of your product and you can stand out from the crowd.

Optimizing visual content

Once you are convinced of the high quality text with keywords and a detailed description of the product, it's time to start optimizing the images in your listing. Users often jump straight to product photos and carefully examine them, so it's important to make sure the images are of excellent quality.

Choosing the right category for your products

Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces have millions of listings in thousands of different sections. You can create the very best text with detailed product descriptions, but if you make the mistake of choosing a category for your products and publish the listing in another section of the site, it's all for nothing! Be sure to study the categories presented on the site and choose the one that most accurately reflects your brand and product.

With Easync you can update description with specifics

When creating listings we all want our listings at the top, right? Of course we do!

Competition Compare finds the most popular title by finding what title was most used for recent sold listings. It will suggest the best possible title and offer more suggestions below to boost profits. This will increase your sales and keep your listings at the top with titles that are hot and most relevant. ☝️

When enabled another selection will pop up as "auto select relevant title". This feature will automatically select the best title that pertains to that listing. If you don't enable it, then you will have to manually select the title you'd like for any of these listings. 

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