Deferred Creation

Create a Certain Amount of Listings Over a Certain Amount of Time

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Deferred Creation gives you the ability to create a certain amount of listings over a certain amount of time. Doing this could prevent eBay from having suspicion and locking or temporarily suspending your account. 

To use Deferred Creation go to the create listings page and start creating listings like you normally would.
After you've copied your desired listings using the Easync Chrome Extension and have pasted them onto your create listings page, you can scroll down to the bottom and see the Deferred Creation feature. 

After you check the Deferred Creation check box a drop-down will appear. There is a box for the amount of listings you want to create and another box for the amount of time between each creation. 

For example, if you are wanting to list 100 listings, but not all at once, you can use the Deferred Creation feature to do so. You could create 25 listings every hour until all 100 listings are created (which means all 100 listings will be created in a time span of 4 hours). Another way of doing this is creating 50 listings every 2 hours which will create the 100 total listings as well. 

This feature enables you to create listings to fit your needs in a very customizable way! 👍

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