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Reasons Repricing Appears Wrong
Reasons Repricing Appears Wrong

Help with your repricing errors

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  • Recent revisions may not be reporting correctly. 

  • Enabling Undercutter can cause your prices to be lower than expected. Undercutter will make your prices fluctuate up and down.

  • Enabling Overrides can have unwanted effects if not configured properly.
    You may need to enter 0 in the % box or margin fixed box.

  • Enter this formula into a spreadsheet or in your Chrome URL to verify
    = sale_price  - (sale_price  X 10%) - (sale_price  X 2.9%) - ( 0.30 ) - ((source_price  + source_shipping) X profit %) - (profit_fixed) - (AO Fees)
    Replace sale_price with your current listing price
    Replace source_price  with the cost of the items from the supplier
    Replace source_shipping with any shipping costs (usually only from Walmart)
    Replace profit % with your % margins
    Replace profit_fixed with your fixed margins
    Replace AO_Fees with 0.20 cents by default

    If you're selling on Amazon instead of eBay change the 10% to 12%


  • Check the actual offers page and make sure it's available for Prime

  • Your handling time may be too low, we suggest 5 days or more

  • Does it have an override forcing the quantity to 0?

  • Is it only 3rd party merchant fulfilled?
    Copy this entire code below (but replace the ____ with your ASIN)

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