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👷 Virtual Assistants
are great for helping with aspects of business that don't require your direct attention.
VAs help with things like the following

  • Creating Listings

  • Adjusting Repricing

  • Messaging Buyers

  • Other simple tasks you prefer not to do

We don't source VAs for our sellers. Usually sellers already have a VA they are using.
You can add VAs easily from the Settings drop down at the top of your account.

Then just enter their email address & click save. We'll automatically send a registration email with a password they can change after they login
Currently they'll have full access to your account except for your billing & profile page.
We'll add settings to edit which features the VA can access in the future.

They can't see your dashboard statistics, but they can see your profit column.

🔭 See how easy it is in this video below!

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