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You can easily fund you FBE with multiple different methods.
Click each option below to learn more.
Make sure your FBE Balance is greater than the eBay buyer's price (not the source price) or the order will fail.

  1. Via PayPal as Goods & Services; 3% fee applies. -Currently NOT Available
  2. Via PayPal with Mass Payment or Payouts 5% $1 max fee (need PayPal approval)
  3. Via PayPal as Friends & Family; 5% Cashback
  4. Full automation where we auto deduct from your PayPal if your balance gets low but get 2% savings (coming soon)
  5. With Payoneer get bonus $50 for every $1000 you send (coming soon)
    If you fund $1000 with Payoneer your FBE balance will show $1050
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