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FBE Funding Was Refunded or Balance Wasn't Added
FBE Funding Was Refunded or Balance Wasn't Added

Reasons for FBE payment sent back

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The 2 most common reasons for a refund after trying to fund your FBE balance is because the note was incorrect or there was a fee incurred. Examples below.

If your note is something like amazon_us;502;xxxxxxxxxxx it will be refunded.
(Of course the x's should be replaced by your unique code found here)
The problem in the example above is the 502 in the note.
The only possible notes you should ever send for FBE are

Sometimes PayPal charges a fee if your PayPal account is registered in another country. The fees PayPal charges to Easync must not cause the NET payment to be less than the value you're trying to send.
In this screenshot below our Easync member tried to buy a code worth $100.00 USD.
PayPal's fee was $3.26 & the NET amount was only $98.74 so we auto refunded this.

In this next screenshot below the Easync member wanted codes worth $500.00 USD.
PayPal's fee allowed a NET of $500, this member received the codes successfully.

ATTENTION! We strongly recommend you to top up your FBE balance with the amount that you can spend on orders. Calculate your charges beforehand please. You cannot withdraw money from your FBE balance.

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