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Fund Your FBE Balance Method #2 Mass Payment PayPal Payouts
Fund Your FBE Balance Method #2 Mass Payment PayPal Payouts

Using Mass Payment for additional 10% added to your balance

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  • Full support for USD $

  • Invite only for GBP £

  • EUR € support coming soon!

You'll need mass payment enabled by PayPal if you don't already.
Click here to learn what to tell PayPal you need it for.

Then follow this

  1. Open a text editor and make it look like the one below
    replace 400 with your amount, and replace USD with your currency

  2. Click File > Save As... and end the file name with .csv

  1. No code is needed anymore!

  2. Check the confirmation box on PayPal and click continue

Below is a screenshot of what a completed page will look like on PayPal (NO CODE NEEDED).

If there are any issues with this process, click here for developer page of PayPal to enable Payouts option and fund without CSV or code.

If you can't use Mass Payment, below are other options.

Goods & Services from PayPal, click here for 2% back
Friends and Family, click here for 5-10% back
Crypto Currency, click here for 10% back

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