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One common mistake we see is when people want to manually set the price on eBay listings. Here's an example of what I mean.

The price on Amazon is $12.99, and you want to manually make the price on eBay exactly $20.
But what should Easync do to your eBay price if Amazon increases to $25?
You would be losing money.

So the only way really to ensure profits is to use the range repricer.

Override settings are for individual listings and are found in the listing details page.
Go to your Listings page, then click Details on the far right.
You can filter to show only your existing overrides that you have currently applied. You can see this filter on your listings page, below is a screenshot for how to filter.

Once you go into the listing details page, scroll to the bottom to see the override settings.

Disable ordering for this listing: Disables AO. Read here for the risks of disabling AO.

Disable repricing for this listing: Disables price and quantity checks & updates.

Disable undercutting: If you have undercutting enabled in your repricing settings this allows you to disable it for a particular listing. We will follow your profit margins that you placed instead of undercutting your competitors by one penny.

Do not modify price for this listing: This is if you want to set a manual price on your listing. Easync will continue to check & adjust quantity, but not prices.

Do not modify quantity for this listing: Quantity will not be monitored but prices will.

In Stock Quantity Override:

You can override the quantity for individual listings in the Easync listing details page. Once this has been done you can enter the quantity that you would like the listing to show at all times. Sometimes you may want to force a listing to be OOS, you can just enter 0 as the quantity and click save.
Please make sure to click Save once you're done. Below is an example of an override..

Margin percent: The % you enter here will disregard your regular settings on your main Repricing Settings page. If you leave it blank it will inherit your regular settings.

Margin fix: The value you place here will disregard your regular settings on your main Repricing Settings page.

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