Offer Selection Settings

Shipping Speed Handling Time & Third Party Merchant Fulfilled Offers

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The Offer Selection Settings

Shipping Method

is in your Repricing page, and are only available for Amazon, Walmart, & AliExpress
A video tutorial is available at the bottom of this article

  1. Cheapest: If free is available, we'll choose the fastest free option, otherwise we'll choose the lowest priced shipping option available.

  2. Free: We will only complete the order if free shipping is available. If free isn't available then the order will fail. 

  3. No Rush: Amazon offers a reward or discount for choosing this option, but states that you will receive your product within 6 business days.

  4. Free Standard: 3-5 day shipping and is not against Amazon's policy for drop shipping using Prime benefits. If Free Standard isn't available the order will fail.

  5. Fastest: We will choose whichever offer has the fastest shipping. We will choose Prime first, but if not available you will most likely pay for shipping on the next offer that ships the fastest.

Maximum Handling Days

This is specifically if you want items to be in stock based on the handling time from the source market. This has nothing to do with your eBay displayed handling times.
We suggest 5 days for all our sellers.

The above settings are only available for Amazon, Walmart, & AliExpress

The below settings are only available for Amazon

Allow Offers Sold by Amazon

Some items are sold directly by Amazon, these are always enabled. 

Allow Third Party FBA Offers

Some items are sold by 3rd party sellers, but kept in Amazon's warehouses for fast shipment. You can disable this if you sell in a European country to help with VAT.

If you enable FBA offers in the EU countries, we suggest raising those offers by 20%
Read this article for more information

Allow Prime Only Offers

Some items are exclusive for Prime accounts only

Allow Add-on Offers

Add-on products require $25 or more by bundling multiple products together
Here's the current method required to fulfill Add-on orders

Allow Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is mainly food and beverage items, but have an additional shipping fee. We automatically add $5.99 to these products if they are in stock

Allow third party merchant-fulfilled offers (not recommended)

These are 3rd party sellers that ship from their own warehouses instead of Amazon's. Shipping may be slower and usually isn't free. Returns & refunds are also more difficult

Condition Settings

You can choose the condition of the listings you want to offer in your store.
Any conditions you don't select will be marked OOS.
Also, creating listings with different conditions will be unique listings on eBay

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