Bundling & Ship to Multiple Addresses

For Sellers WITHOUT Amazon Prime Membership

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What is bundling?
Bundling is a feature only for Amazon where you can ship to multiple addresses, and get free shipping even if you don't have Prime.
For bundling add-on items click here.
Recently Amazon stopped supporting "ship to multiple addresses" in the US.
But it still works in other countries.
You'll need to make an order greater than $25. It's specifically helpful if you don't have a prime account and you need a minimum order to get the free shipping.

If you have Prime, you can just disable addons and you won't need bundling.

Does bundling cost extra?
No... Bundling costs the same as regular ordering. Easync charges 10 cents for each product within the bundle, it's not 10 cents for the entire bundle.

If we made each bundle 10 cents then people would hold back their orders to try to save a little money but can cause losses and unnecessary delays for your buyers.
This increases the likelihood of an item going OOS or a price increase while you are waiting for a huge bundle. Now you are upset because you'll lose money or you and your buyer are upset because you can't fulfill an order and you have to cancel.

How do I enable it?
Go to your Store Settings > Automatic Ordering, then scroll down to the bundling box.
You can set a threshold for whatever suits your needs the most.
High bundling thresholds like $50 are great for non prime members or Amazon Business purchasing accounts.

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