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Dropshipping with 10% Affiliate Bonus Rewards
Dropshipping with 10% Affiliate Bonus Rewards

Automatic Discounted Bill Every Month, Forever

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🤔 Do you have friends or family interested in drop shipping? Better yet, do you know people already doing it?
If you answered yes to either question then keep reading, if not, 🛑 stop now. 

Amazon to eBay dropshipping is currently the most popular kind of dropshipping. Aliexpress dropshipping to eBay or Amazon dropshipping are also in demand.

After you have chosen dropshipping suppliers and started your work, you may use your affiliate link to invite friends or family to do eBay or Amazon dropshipping.

Let’s find out what is affiliate marketing, how does it work and why is it needed?

Affiliate programs can be divided into 2 types:

-Resale. Search for partners who themselves buy your product in bulk at special prices and then resell it.

-Affiliate (referral programs). This is a search for partners who will help you sell products by placing links to your site in various sources, advertising and driving traffic to your site.

Both varieties are aimed at increasing sales. But the partners work according to different schemes. In the first case, a person invests their money in the purchase of your product. Then he resells it in the way he wants. In the second case, the affiliate invests his efforts (and sometimes finances) only in advertising. The number of sales grows due to the increase in traffic to your website. Traffic is converted into leads. And then - on sale.

Who is affiliate marketing for?

Affiliate programs are an excellent solution for those who do not want to invest a lot of their efforts and finances in advertising. With the help of referral systems, you can ensure yourself a flow of customers and increase sales at the expense of your partners. So you will definitely not waste your advertising budget anywhere, because affiliates are paid remuneration after the result.

In what various fields of business can I use affiliate marketing?

Resellers or USA dropshippers most often work with such product groups as clothing, cosmetics, etc. The referral system can be used in business in almost any area. Affiliate marketing is widely used by both completely legal (goods, tourism, info business) and gray businesses (for example, online casinos).

There are several types of affiliate programs, depending on what the advertiser offers a reward to his partner:

1. For the sale - probably the most convenient option for the seller: the partner is paid a commission on the completed user purchase. The money is transferred upon payment for the goods. This type of payment is convenient for site owners with a target audience that may be interested in a product that is in some way related to the theme of the site.

2. For clicks - ie. for transitions from the partner's website to the advertiser's website. Typically, the cost per click is a few cents. By "posting" the affiliate link in a "prominent" place, the owner of a website with high traffic can receive a decent reward in such an affiliate program.

3. For registration - when a reward is paid to a partner, if a person who came using a partner account fills out a questionnaire or answers voting questions. This scheme is used to organize marketing research or create a customer base.

4. Per time - the advertiser pays for the time the advertising link is placed on the website. Typically, the link should be located on the main page or on all pages of the site / section of the partner site. Sites with a good reputation and high and "quality" traffic are attracted to such affiliate programs.

5. For impressions - the advertiser pays for the impressions of his advertising materials (links or banners), usually 1000 impressions are paid. In such programs, it makes sense to take part in with very high meaningful attendance. This type of affiliate programs is similar to the sale of banner impressions earned in a banner network.

🔗 Every Easync user has a referral link located in the profile tab of their account.
You can share this link with anyone who may be interested.
If they create their own account using your special link they'll show up as an affiliate.

🔟 You'll start getting 10%
of your referrals payment to us as an applied discount on your bill. 

We have sellers earning $1,000's of dollars using our affiliates program.


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