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💶VAT & FBA Sellers in European Countries
💶VAT & FBA Sellers in European Countries

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⚖️ Selling in European countries...
can be difficult when dealing with Value Added Tax or VAT
We've solved this problem with our ability to filter out listings based on FBA and Sold By Amazon 

🚨 You can now stop FBA items from showing in stock. If the listing is FBA only, then it will be 0 quantity. If the listing is both FBA and Sold By Amazon then the listing will be in stock. And AO will purchase from the Sold By Amazon offer 

✅ If you still want to offer FBA items, you can choose to do so, and you can add 20% margins to these listings to help offset your VAT costs
Any amount you enter will be added to your regular range repricer settings
Listing Override settings will take precedence over this setting as well

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