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  • Full support for USD $; GBP £; & EUR €

Follow these easy steps

  1. Login to PayPal, go here, and enter [email protected], click Next

  2. Send any value i.e. $55 or £107 or $500 or £2000

  3. Copy your code from this link, then paste your code as a note in PayPal
    your code is unique to your account, you must use your code in the note

This screen shot is Step 1

Step 2 (this example would fund $618 to your FBE balance)

This next screenshot is Step 3

Step 3 (this example would fund $618 to your FBE balance)

If you can't use Goods and Services, below are other options.

Mass Payment or PayPal Payouts, click here for 5% back

**Friends and Family, click here for 5% back** -Currently NOT Available
Crypto Currency, click here for 10% back

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