Do You Support Variation Listings? YES! 😃

Such as multiple colors or sizes of a product

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Easync supports variation listings!
Just grab ONLY one Product ID from the source market instead of all of the IDs when using the chrome tool.
See in the screenshot below, only 1 ID has been highlighted to be copied.

Then just go to your create listings page, scroll to the bottom and click the button that says "Create with Variants (Automatic Detection) "
Paste the product ID into the box and choose "without preview" or "with preview".


Note that eBay doesn't handle variations the same way Amz and AliExpress do.
eBay requires the title to be the same when you change the variant.
Amazon & AliExpress allows the title to change when you choose different variants. This can cause problems when trying to create a variation listing on eBay.
Here's an example of an Amazon listing where the title changes when you choose different variants.
You'll notice the title shows a different Bible verse or style when you select each variant.
eBay will not allow the title to be changed like this, so be careful when you create variation listings to make sure that everything is correct.
Currently the images won't always transfer over when listing variants either, we're developing this part still.
The benefit of variations is that eBay only charges a single insertion fee for them. Easync's pricing however charges repricing on every single variation since we have to check each variant at the source.


If you sell from Amazon to Amazon then variations will work perfectly as expected.


If you sell on Shopify you may see some problems with the "collections" they use and sometimes the variations will appear to show different sized images. We're working on improving this to work more seamlessly. 

Here's a video that will help explain how to list variants and some issues with it.

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