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To create a Shopify account, click here.

Shopify charges a minimum of $30 / month to use their services. Here's a pricing link

Shopify also has an API limit that can affect your business once you reach higher quantities of listings. You can read about the call limits here. There is nothing Easync can do about these limits in place. The max calls per second is 2.
You'll have to either upgrade to Shopify Plus which Shopify Pluswhich is $2,000.00 per month or you'll have to settle with slightly slower repricing speeds. 

For new sellers on Shopify, try using Facebook ads or Google ads to help boost your traffic. People have suggested that the amount you'll spend on ads is relatively similar to the amount you might spend on eBay Final Value Fees; but you don't have to deal with being limited by eBay's policies of course.

You can enjoy all the same features we offer including Listing Creation, Repricing, Auto Ordering, and all other features we offer. Click here for a list of marketplaces and support we offer.


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