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eBay selling limits. How to listing on eBay

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UPDATE: Contact us to learn about increasing your limits!

New eBay seller accounts have something called "seller limits". Go to this link and opt in if you haven't already. Then follow the 4 steps in the screenshot below.
Special note: Upgrading to the Anchor Store won't immediately grant you 10,000 listings.

After you follow the steps below, you might discover that eBay has given you 5 items and $100.00.
Call eBay and request an increase immediately and they'll raise it to 100 items and $1,000.00.
I have suggested many of our members to do this and it's always worked.

Seller Limits Guide

If you've followed the steps in the image above and you cannot find 'monthly limits' then you probably have a very old eBay account, like pre-2002 I think. If so, you have an unlimited account.
These are very rare; don't call eBay asking about your limits because they can apply limits to your account and it won't be unlimited anymore.

If this is your case, you can list but just be cautious. If you list too much too fast, eBay may permanently suspend your account. So just list maybe a few hundred per day until you reach 1,000. Then wait a few days, and list 200 or 300 per day until you reach ~2500 listings. Then wait a few more days and list ~500 per day until you reach 10,000. You'll need to go ahead and get an anchor store for this too or you'll pay a lot in insertion fees.

You can call eBay every 28 days to request an increase in your limits. Make sure you are getting close to maxed limits or they might deny the increase.
1: They will ask questions like "where do you get your products?" Just tell the truth, "I dropship from Amazon/Walmart/Aliexpress". Ebay doesn't care, it's not against their policy & it's not frowned upon.
2: They'll ask "How much of an increase do you want?" Answer: "100% for dollar amount and quantity please". They will double your limits every 28 days.
3: They'll ask "Why do you want an increase?" (Stupid question, right?) Answer: "I have more products to list and I'm reaching my limits"

They might ask some other stuff, like "what address is the business located?"; "what is the official name of your business?"; "do you have an account manager?" ... just answer them and go through with it.
After about 5 or 6 months you should be near 10k listing limits.


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