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Easync dropshipping app is considered to be ebay listing software, amazon listing software and also aliexpress to ebay lister. With Easync you can list from amazon to ebay or Shopify.

So if you need Amazon to eBay listing software Easync is for you.

In this article we will tell you how to use Easync - amazon to ebay listing tool and how to listing on eBay.

You need to fill out the Sell your item form, which will guide you through the main stages of listing the lot at the auction. Filling out the form, you will need to enter basic information about the characteristics of the product, set repricing parameters, determine payment methods and shipping costs. Click on the “Sell” tab on the eBay navigation bar.

Choose a specific type of auction: a standard auction where the highest bid wins, or a fixed price auction using “Buy it Now” where the lot can be bought immediately without bids. Please note that you need more than 10 feedback to use the “Buy it Now” option.

Think about where your potential customers will look for your product. If you have carefully conducted the research described in the previous step, then you should already have a fairly clear idea of ​​in which e-bay categories such products are sold. If the answer to this question is not found yet, try these methods:

A) Select the main category in which the lot will be placed and the category selection process will guide you through the subcategories of the lower level until you select the appropriate section.

C) Enter some keywords related to your product and e-bay will suggest a suitable subcategory.

C) Place your lot in two subcategories at the same time to increase the number of visitors and, accordingly, the number of bids, which will affect the final price of the auction and your earnings. This is a paid ebay service and comes with a small feature fee.

Create an effective title and description

A) Choosing a title: Imagine that you are a buyer, what keywords would you enter in the e-bay search box? You have a limited number of characters to enter your title, so make sure your primary keywords are included. Avoid using the words “Fantastic!”, “WOW !!!” and others, since buyers do not use them during their search, moreover, such techniques most often do not cause serious attitude from buyers. Be sure to check the spelling of the title: a lot of sales on e-bay were lost only due to the inattention of the sellers!

B) Product Description: Make sure your description contains all the information regarding the item you are selling. Include data on manufacturer, age of use, condition and be honest - do not hide information that could lead to misunderstandings in the future. Sometimes buyers ask about the reasons for the sale, so if you have a story to tell, include everything in the description.

C) Easync has a listing template editor. You may set it as you wish.

Price settings

A) Enter the Start Price: In case the Standard Auction is selected, setting the starting price at $ 0.99 usually brings more bids and raises the final price. Set your repricing parameters according to this. At the same time, you can enable the "Buy it Now" option for a small additional cost.

B) Determine the length of your listing. You can put up a listing for 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 days. Most sellers put lots on ebay for 7 days, trying to end the listing on the weekend when buying activity reaches its maximum level.

C) Item location: enter your country.

D) Adding additional features. For an additional fee, e-bay will offer you to use underlining, bold title, placement above other listings, image near title, etc.

Creating listings is so easy with Easync and there's now several ways to do it.

  1. Create listings based on a popular seller. Learn about that here!

  2. Learn about our 💥 Hot Items 💥

  3. Or just use our Autolister

To create listings manually the old fashioned way, follow along below.

You'll first need our Easync Google Chrome Extension
Then you'll need to visit the source market you want to copy listings from.
Here's a list of our supported marketplaces.
If you're selling on eBay, you'll need to enable GTC
(International sellers can find GTC settings in your Seller Preferences)
Watch this video to see how easy it is to copy and create listings.

Once you've copied the listings with the Rocket Button on your Chrome Extension, you can Create Listings here

If you don't know what you should list, here's some help!

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