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Starting eBay dropshipping is rather easy. This site is open to everyone. Individuals and legal entities can sell on a foreign market. One of the important points when working is the eBay drop shipping policy.

Selling on eBay is a full-fledged business that should be given time and energy.

Terms of cooperation with eBay: features of registering a business account

The site has two types of accounts: individual and business. eBay dropshipping policy will vary depending on your account type. The first one is intended for individuals.

Note that within the framework of an individual account, you can create (after the trial period) up to 50 listings with an unlimited number of product items in stock. But as soon as earnings reach $ 1500-2000 per month, PayPal will have questions for you.

Business account gives you more options:

• Unlimited number of listings.

• Reduced fees.

• Setting your own policy for resolving disputes, return terms.

• Increased customer confidence.

To sell on eBay you will need:

• registration at the site itself;

• registration on PayPal;

• confirmation of contact details;

• linking PayPal to the merchant account.

What can be sold on eBay

You can sell anything on the site, except for the standard list of prohibited goods. It includes:

• second-hand hosiery, underwear;

• alcohol and tobacco products;


• observation and listening devices;

• animals and stuffed animals.

Benefits of working with eBay

International market

Selling from the marketplace gives you access to a multi-million audience, which means you can establish a large flow of orders. It will take hundreds of thousands of dollars to enter the European and American markets independently.

Low commission

The site takes a reasonable amount for posting on its site. You lose about 15% of the amount, but at the same time you get access to the world market.

Fast moderation

More precisely, practically its absence. After filling in all the fields, the listing will appear in the search in 15 minutes! However, if you have posted a product that is prohibited for sale, your account may be blocked or deleted.

How to deliver goods

It is important to set the eBay dropshipping policy. There are many delivery services for goods. There are those that operate within the country, and there are international couriers. It is necessary to calculate the cost of delivery in advance in order to name it to customers or include it in the price. The goods can be bought both in the Czech Republic and in the Australian countryside, and the delivery amount will vary.

The site has established rules that the package must be sent within 3 days from the date of payment. If you don't have a lot of products, you can easily fit. But at high speeds, a well-established dispatch system is required. Offer buyers Economy Shipping by default. In addition to the default shipping, offer customers at least one Expedited option at an additional cost.

eBay also sets limits on delivery times. If this is not met, requests for returns and negative reviews may follow. This greatly affects the seller's rating. To meet the deadline, we recommend using air delivery. So the package will arrive right on time and even earlier, and a satisfied customer is more likely to leave a positive feedback.

Study carefully the details of shipping policy for dropshipping.

In Europe and the USA, there are third-party companies from which you can order fulfillment. They take goods to their warehouse, store them there, and send them to customers. This allows sellers to save on storage and delivery, as well as speed up the latter to the client.

eBay is heard by every first American. Why not expand the sales geography and see what will come of it? After all, it is possible to become an eBay supplier with minimal monetary risks.

If you haven't already you need to setup your business policies on eBay

You can easily choose which business policy you want from the create listings page.
This is especially helpful if you are sourcing from multiple source like Walmart, Amazon & AliExpress on the same eBay store. Here's our supported marketplaces.

You can also tell eBay what location and postal code you will be shipping from.
Go to the bottom of the page and click "Business Policies and Country"

If you choose AliExpress as your source market we will automatically choose "EASYNC_CHINA". If you choose any other market we will choose the default "EASYNC_SHIPPING_POLICY". 

Here's a live tutor to walk you through it. 

Here's a video to see how easy it is.

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