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How to create & connect your Seller account for Dropshipping on Amazon
How to create & connect your Seller account for Dropshipping on Amazon

Dropship on Amazon

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Online business is gaining more and more popularity. Different strategies and approaches to doing business are emerging. Dropshipping is not a new direction, but it is gaining popularity and it’s quite promising. In this article, we will look at the peculiarities of Amazon dropshipping.

There are many dropshipping platforms. You can use Amazon as a source market or sell on Amazon. For this you need to set up Amazon seller account.

Dropshipping on Amazon has its own characteristics. The dropshipping process is as follows:

-Find an item to sell. You can choose the product from the manufacturer or from another seller

-Determine the cost of the goods taking into account your profit

-List the item on your Amazon seller account

-Buyer orders goods from you

-The item is sent to the buyer from your source

As you can imagine, the higher the sales volume, the more difficult it is to fulfill orders manually. To do this, there is an AO option in Easync. Our program automatically places an order at the correct address.

As you can see, dropshipping on Amazon is no different from dropshipping on eBay or Shopfy. The essence of the process remains unchanged. You always act as an intermediary between your buyer and seller of the goods. The client receives the ordered product, the supplier receives the amount of the product, and you get your profit. This scheme works great if you are using quality dropshipping software.

The big plus with dropshipping is that there is no need to buy an item in advance. You simply upload listings and wait for the buyer to pay for the item.

How to make money from dropshipping on Amazon?

Dropshipping on Amazon seems simple and profitable. You register Amazon individual seller account. Upload listings and wait for purchases. There are some points worth paying attention to, such as:

- selection of the goods to be sold. It is difficult to find products for sale on your own. Especially if you are a beginner. Easync has a Hot items feature. We will analyze and offer you the most popular and best selling products so that your business can start generating income from day one.

- once the products are found, you upload the listings. In order to avoid problems with manufacturers who have intellectual property rights to some products and brands, carefully select products, their descriptions and photos.

- there is a temptation to set the price higher in order to quickly make a profit. But don't be in a hurry. Try to keep the markup small to keep your product competitive.

- there is often a need to negotiate with suppliers. It is also worth doing the promotion of your store. This will require advertising. These are additional costs, but well worth it.

How Amazon looks at dropshipping?

Many people will decide that, despite all the difficulties of dropshipping, this kind of business arrangement on Amazon suits them. But there is one more nuance. By referring to Amazon's policies, we found out the following:

• Amazon prohibits the delivery of a product to a customer whose packaging or casing contains any information (logo, contacts) about a third-party supplier.

• Amazon prohibits organizing the sale of goods in such a way that the delivery is not carried out directly, but through a third party.

As you can see, the last rule contradicts the very definition of a dropshipping system. But this does not mean that it is absolutely impossible to resell goods in this way. It is possible, but you will have to deal with the dispatch of products yourself. And this is fraught with not only a waste of time, but also unnecessary financial investments.

How Amazon Fights Non-Compliance When Selling Products?

Of course, risk is a noble cause. However, in business, any experiments can end in failure if you do not work out a competent sales strategy and do not follow the rules of the trading platform. Here's how Amazon collects information about each account:

• assessment of the quality of the goods;

• control of the number of returns;

• control of the delivery time of orders;

• speed of response to complaints and customer questions;

• control of the number of canceled orders;

• Assessment of satisfaction with customer support.

If these indicators for a particular seller are below the norm, Amazon analysts may suspect you of carrying out dropshipping in violation of the prescribed rules. The result is a blocked account and a lost business.

In conclusion, I would like to give some advice to those who work on the dropshipping system and plan to build a business on Amazon. How to make this scheme safe? The main thing is to follow the rules:

• carefully control the delivery time;

• always include tracking numbers;

• do not forget to confirm shipment of the item via seller central.

It's impossible to judge which strategy works best on Amazon. Often you have to try all the ways to choose the most optimal and effectively develop your business.

Connecting your Amazon Seller account is easy.
You'll need to complete few steps.

Register for an Amazon Seller Account by clicking on your country code below.

Then you'll need to upgrade your seller account to a professional seller account if your country offers that.
Then go to User Permissions:

Find "Third-patry developer and apps" section and click "Visit Manage Your Apps" button:

Then you'll need to click "Authorize new developer":

Fill the form by typing Developer's Name and Developer ID.
Easync Developer ID:

  • North America: 885003160691

  • Europe: 520218110682

You will see Agreement page. Check all checkboxes and click Next.
Last page provides your credentials.

Please save underlined params - they are required by Easync to connect your store.

Then connect your Amazon Store here to enter your keys.

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