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Connecting your Amazon Seller account is easy.
You'll need to complete few steps.

Register for an Amazon Seller Account by clicking on your country code below.

🇺🇸  🇨🇦  🇲🇽  🇦🇺  🇬🇧  🇫🇷  🇩🇪  🇮🇹  🇪🇸  🇮🇳 

Then you'll need to upgrade your seller account to a professional seller account if your country offers that.
Then go to User Permissions:

Find "Third-patry developer and apps" section and click "Visit Manage Your Apps" button:

Then you'll need to click "Authorize new developer":

Fill the form by typing Developer's Name and Developer ID.
Easync Developer ID:

  • North America: 885003160691
  • Europe: 520218110682

You will see Agreement page. Check all checkboxes and click Next.
Last page provides your credentials.

Please save underlined params - they are required by Easync to connect your store.

Then connect your Amazon Store here to enter your keys.

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