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We have plans for any customers. We developed them for ease of use and payment. By this link you can familiarize yourself in detail with all available tariffs in more detail   https://easync.io/pricing.html
The price of the plan depends on the number of your listings. Within one plan you can synchronize any number of listings, not exceeding the top digit.
Here is the maximum number of listings and AO available for each plan:

Starter $49.99/mo

Repricing Listings 2000

Automatic Ordering 200

Progressive $65.99/mo

Repricing Listings 3000

Automatic Ordering 300

Advanced $79.99/mo

Repricing Listings 4000

Automatic Ordering 400

Expert $99.99/mo

Repricing Listings >5000

Automatic Ordering >500

For the Expert plan price depends on the number of listings.

!AT is calculated to а separate billing ! 

Note! After your trial is ended, the monthly payment is charged from your Credit Card according to your plan. If you haven't added the credit card in time, than your account is automatically suspended. You need to add the card before your trial starts, but no funds are charged until trial ends.

ALSO! If you disable Repricing, then Auto-Ordering cost is automatically $0.5

Remote Desktop Protocol
The cost for each RDP is only 32¢ per day for each activated RDP
If you terminate the RDP the charges will stop

FBE or Fulfillment By Easync
This is currently a free feature where we place orders for you, you wouldn't need your own Amazon Prime account for this.

For our technical sellers
You can change your repricing as much as you want, you don't get charged extra.
Our API charges are the same as above.
Our charges are not per request, just per listing.


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