Direct Message with Templates and Quick Replies

Helps with Stealth Accounts and Anonymous IP

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Do you need to reply to a buyer's message quickly, but require a remote desktop or VPN to access your eBay store? You can now message them directly from your Easync account using our protected IP addresses. You will find this feature's tab at the top of the screen when on any page in your account.
Here's the link directly to it
You can also use our RDP tools for when you actually need to access your account.

There will also be a drop down for different templates that you can choose from to have a nice clean response for your buyer.
This helps with fast replies for frequent questions.

Easync fast replies even has the ability to instantly fill in data for your buyer, such as their name, tracking number, tracking carrier, delivery date, your store name, and the item information (title and eBay item ID)

Watch the video below for a quick explanation.

You can even filter by each of your stores, along with other filters at the top of the messages page.

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