Undercutting Your Competitors

How Easync can guarantee that you have the lowest price

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Did you know the eCommerce market now has over 12 million online stores and is continuing to steadily rise? With this type of market growth the competition is growing at the same rate and the best deals are only a few clicks away. Your business will need to find a way to thrive as your competitors build.

You can easily stay competitive against other sellers on all marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.
Undercutter may seem like it lowers your product price but it actually increases it, and here is why!

Undercutter is first limited on whether or not there are competitors. If there are competitors then the price would automatically be set to one penny below the competitor's price. You will only have competitors if they have the same UPC/MPN/ or EAN as you do. If there are no competitors then the undercutter would be limited to the undercutter percentage out to the right.

The % option is to prevent you from going too low when you have no competitors. This feature allows you to receive more potential profit instead of leaving extra money on the table. If you don't want to risk any outlandish prices keep it at a lower percentage and if you want to ensure you don't lose any potential profit then make it as high as a percentage as you'd like. Whatever you have your percentage set to will just be added to your repricing settings. If you have a $100 product and 30% profit in your repricing settings, with 5% as your undercutting percentage then your item price would turn out to be $135.
If you leave it at 0% then the product will just reflect your repricing settings when their is no competitor. 

Undercutter will not go lower than what your repricing settings allow. Let's say you have an item that is $100 and your repricer makes it $130. You see that a competitor is selling for $120, undercutting will not lower your cost under $130 because of your repricing settings. So we suggest having low margins when using undercutter.

Price rounding will be overridden if you enable the undercutter tool.

Watch our tutorial video to see how easy it is.

Just go to Store Settings > Repricing, then choose your source market from the drop down.
Then scroll down to your Range Repricer box, and check the "Enable Undercutting"

That's all that you need to do, just scroll down and click save and you'll be all set.

You'll also see statistics that looks like this $11.59(4)
This means the lowest offer is $11.59 and there are 4 sellers.
If there's a hyphen like this -(4) that means we haven't retrieved all of the data and there's some error. But this shouldn't affect your operations really.

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