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The Order Error links below are alphabetical for fast search

If you have an order that fails click on details on the right to see the error in a red banner at the top.
Then match it with the listed errors below.
Note: If AO fails it will NOT go back and retry an order automatically.
You must click the "make order" basket button for the order to retry.

If your error isn't listed message us and we'll add it soon.

There is one error that I don't have a screenshot for yet. It's called "Internal Application Error"

Workaround - Just retry the order on this one and it should work. If it doesn't, email your URL from the Easync Order details page to [email protected] and we will get it fixed.

AO mode disabled

Workaround - You just need to go to Settings > Automatic Ordering and check "Enable"


Usually this occurs whenever your buyer has not made a payment yet. You need to require your buyers to make immediate payment and you can do so here. Look for EASYNC_PAYMENT_PROFILE and make sure you click "require immediate payment when buyer uses Buy It Now".
Unfortunately, at this point your buyer has not completed payment so Easync will not auto order this for you.

Can't submit autoOrder request

This is an error that occurs rarely from time to time.

Workaround - Just wait a little bit of time (usually less than 30 minutes) and retry the 'make order' basket button. If the order still won't work you could order it manually if you want.
If that doesn't work go to where you see this error and just open a live chat.

Email address cannot be used for PayPal payments at this time

This is because your email address entered into your eBay Business Payment Policy is incorrect. You need to go to this link, and find EASYNC_PAYMENT_POLICY and edit it. Make sure the correct email address is entered, and make sure you have "require immediate payment" selected. Then click save / done.

E-mail confirmation page: confirmation code not found

This is because Amazon is sending a confirmation email to your email address with a code.

Workaround - Are your Amazon emails going to a Gmail account?
1. Yes - Go straight to Step 3 below.
2. No - Create a Gmail account and tell your current email account to forward emails to that new Gmail.
3. Go to Easync > Settings > Google Account and connect your Gmail account.
4. Add your NON gmail account in the Alias box and click Save if your Amazon emails don't go direct to a Gmail account.

If you complete the steps in the video below it will fix this.

Internal error

Usually you can retry this order and it will work. If it doesn't work after a retry then you need to check and see has your buyer paid you yet. I know that seems strange to consider, but eBay allows buyers to commit to a purchase without actually paying for it at that moment by default.
You can edit your settings in eBay to prevent this in the future. Here's how:

1.a. Click here to "opt in" to business policies.
1.b. If you already have business policies then go to step 2.
2. Click this link and scroll down to find EASYNC_PAYMENT_PROFILE and click that.

3. Then find the box that says: Require immediate payment when buyer uses Buy It Now
And make sure that box is checked. Then click save at the bottom of that page.

4. This won't fix any pending orders from this problem. This will only help prevent future orders from having this problem.

Invalid JSON

This can typically be fixed by trying the order again. If it doesn't work after about 30 minutes then please open a live chat so we can debug this and fix it.
Alternatively, you could manually place the order and leave this alone if you need to order it quickly.

Invalid Login Credentials

The majority of the time the fix is to enable 2 Step Authentication.
Here's a YouTube video tutorial to enable it.

Other times it is because you or someone has recently changed your password on Amazon. Just please go confirm that your actual password on Amazon is the same password you have stored in your fulfillment accounts page on Easync. Other times it's because Amazon has locked your account because it thinks an unauthorized user has accessed your account.

Workaround - Try logging into your Amazon account manually and see if your account is locked. If you can login, then you need to check if your password on your Easync Fulfillment Account matches your actual Amazon password.
If you cannot login manually you can try to reset your password, visit
If you tried the above link and it still has you locked out then use this link to have Amazon call you back.

Invalid selector

Please open a new chat with us in the bottom right corner of your screen. We can fix this quickly.

Low Account Balance

When you get this error go ahead and check your fulfillment accounts page to see if you have a low account balance. If you do, then go ahead and fund your fulfillment account and retry the order. If you clearly do not have a low account balance you can attempt to retry the order and it should eventually go through. 

Max Price Exceeded

This happens if the item is available but the source price has increased since Easync's last price check.
Usually members get this error a lot if they disable Automatic Ordering
Here's an article about why that can cause this error

Workaround - You can go to Settings > Automatic Ordering and check the box that says "Ignore Max Price" and retry the make order button on your orders page. Just be sure to change it back after the order success.
Alternatively, you can manually make the order if you need.
We will upload a video that demonstrates how to do all of this soon!

Max quantity exceed


This error is only found for Amazon. This is if you have purchased the same ASIN too many times in a 7 day period. For video games there is an exception to this rule where you are sometimes limited to 3 total ever on that specific Amazon account. You can usually go to Walmart and get more if you need for the same price.
The other potential problem is when your buyer purchased more than the allowed quantity in a single transaction. 

Workaround - You can check how many you have ordered in the last 7 days and decide if you can wait a few extra days to place the order for your buyer.
Or if you have another Amazon fulfillment account or an Amazon Stealth Account you can try disabling your normal Amazon fulfillment account on Easync and enable the Stealth Account and retry the order.
You may need multiple Prime accounts and ship multiple orders to your buyer.

No free shipping available

This occurs when your source market account doesn't have Prime, or you're ordering from a 3rd party merchant fulfilled offer, or another source like Walmart doesn't offer free shipping potentially because you haven't met the minimum purchase price amount. Some source markets required $35 minimum order to qualify for free shipping.

Not enough money on gift balance


This happens if the source is out of stock. If the product appears to be in stock then usually you can raise your handling time to 5 days and retry the order. Learn more

Not enough money on gift balance

If using FBE and you get this error, just retry the order please (may take a few tries)

Otherwise it's because you have "use gift balance" setup on your Fulfillment accounts page (which is a good thing). But the problem is your gift balance has run out.

Workaround - Just enable auto gift card reload on Amazon and retry the order.

Platform " " is not supported

This will vary depending on which source market you used for each particular listing.

Workaround - You will need to manually make this order. We will develop the ordering feature for this market in the future.

Please create auto order account

This is when you had an order but you haven't connected your source market account to Easync. You'll either need to manually make the order or you can  click here for a live guide.

Products OOS error


This happens if the source is out of stock. If the product appears to be in stock then usually you can raise your handling time to 5 days and retry the order. Learn more

Quantity is invalid

This is because your listing was manually added as a 3, 7, or 31 day listing.
Your listings have to be good till canceled.
So you'll need to create your listings using our Chrome Tool

Also be sure you have the following settings correct; here is the URL to get to this screenshot:

Then make sure you follow steps 1,2, and 3 like the screen shot below.

If you already have the source market SKU; then you can easily add the listings.
Then watch this video to know how to do this.

Reference Error

Go to where you see this error and please open a live chat in the bottom right corner.

Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address



This happens frequently when doesn't like the address. Usually a quick fix for this is to try to manually enter the address in the checkout stage on Amazon.
Sometimes changing St  to Street  or removing #  from #203  is all it takes to fix it.
Try different variations of the address to see what Amazon will accept.
It could be the phone number too, maybe they've entered too many digits or added letters to the phone number.
You can always enter a bogus phone number of all 1's or something but usually Amazon will highlight the part of the address it doesn't like.
Once you find an address variation that Amazon will accept, go back to the order error, edit the address and change it to the new address that Amazon likes. Then retry the order.

Syntax Error

This is rare, but if you see this error, please contact us.

The email address you entered isn't linked to a PayPal account

To fix this error you would need to go to this link that will take you to your eBay business policies.👇

Then click on EASYNC_PAYMENT_PROFILE and change the email for 'Your PayPal account email address' to the correct one! And then don't forget to click 'Require immediate payment when buyer uses But It Now'

Item Specific Style is Missing

This error happens sometimes when Easync can't quite find the perfect parameter to enter for the listing. Workaround - You'll have to click Preview, and find the correct Parameter.
In the 1st screen shot below you see the red box. This is the parameter you need to look for. In this case in the screen shot you need to find the "Style" parameter. Notice I've also drawn a box around the words "enter a valid value, and then try again."
So all you'll need to do is click "preview" and then scroll down to find "Style" (or whatever parameter the error says you need to add) and then choose a style from the drop down box; which you'll see in the next screen shot below.

Notice in this screen shot below I found "Style" and I clicked the drop down arrow. Then I've chosen a value that matches what the item is from the source market; the title from the Amazon listing had the word Tote in it so I chose Tote. If you can't find a value that works, just type your own and hit ENTER.
Now you're all done. Just scroll to the top and click Approve.

There are no offers without addon property

This error is because the item that your buyer purchased is an Add On item from Amazon. Simple solution is to follow these steps.

There are products without source

This is because you don't have the eBay listing synced with a source market product ID. This is basically an unknown listing. Learn how easy it is to fix with these articles.

Workaround - You'll need to go to Reports > Unknown Listings and search for the eBay ID in the search bar. Then find the correct Product ID such as the Amazon ASIN. Follow along below to get the Product ID.

  1. Find the source market listing on or or wherever you are sourcing this from.

2. Click our Chrome Tool and click the rocket. It should auto load the correct Product ID.
3. Copy it and paste it into the unknown listing
Here's a video about unknown listings.

You have Amazon currently set up where they send you a text message to your phone before you can login. We don't have access to your text messaging so we can't fix this. You'll have to disable that here. Below is a video tutorial that shows how to properly enable 2FA.

Validation of Authentication

Open a new chat with us and we'll get this fixed quickly.

Valid account not found

Just click the dropdown under the error, select the account you need to order on, then click the make order basket button.

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