Listing is Out of Stock OOS on eBay but should be in stock
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Many times your OOS page will seem like a lot of the listings should be in stock. Sometimes they appear in stock on Amazon or another source market. Honestly this is a good thing most of the time. This means that our software is doing exactly what it should be doing to prevent you from making a sale that you cannot fulfill.

A few things you need to check for first.

1. Have you reached your seller limits. Click here for an article on that. Go to your Easync account and see if you get this red banner on your account at the top.

2. Check your handling time. Did you lower it recently? If so, you should raise it back up. We recommend at least 3 days but 5 days is more optimal. (This won't affect your eBay displayed expected ship date, this only checks for the handling time from the source)

If you didn't change your handling days and you haven't reached your seller limits, then go through each of these and see if you can find your issue.

1. Add on item
2. Unavailable for Prime
3. Handling time
4. Prime Pantry
5. Digital Download
6. Timing
7. Check all offers
8. ASIN changed (this is the most common reason)

1. Add on item

Here's the steps to order an add on

2. Is the item unavailable for prime and the option is grayed out?
You'll have to find another source or cancel the order for your buyer.

3. Is the handling time too high? ie 3-5 days, or 1-2 months
You can check your handling time settings by going to Settings > Repricing > then scroll down to find the Offer Selection Settings; in the bottom of this section will be a setting called "Maximum Handling Days" you can raise this to get the AO to work.

4. Is the item Prime Pantry
You'll have to manually order this or cancel for your buyer until we to support these.

5. Is the item a digital download?

6. When was the last repricing check on that listing? Maybe it just hasn't updated yet from our repricer.
Go to the Listing Details and check the Recent Revisions row like in the image below.

7.a. Check the actual offers. You can do this easily, just replace the ASIN in the URL below:

7.b. Just replace EnterYourAsinHere with the real ASIN that you want to check.

7.c. This link will ensure that "new" and "Prime" are selected like in the image below.

8. Amazon changed the ASIN.

Notice the ASIN in the link above is B01N3ZTYT0. But if I go to that ASIN and use my chrome tool that ASIN isn't on the list.
(See the screenshot below)

There are 2 resolutions for this.

  1. Update your ASIN on the Easync listings page to the new ASIN & click update description so any new/changed images will be updated.

  2. Delist those listings and create new listings using the Chrome tool.

If you still think the listing should be in stock, go ahead and add it to your cart and go all the way to the checkout screen. Sometimes a prime item has a handling time that's very high and doesn't display that until the checkout page.

If you do this and it still looks like it should be in stock just message us and we'll help.

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