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Getting your first sale is a big step, then it's just a matter of time for the rest to start flowing in.
If you are a new seller on eBay and your feedback is low, this may seem like a difficult hurdle to overcome to try to get buyers to buy from you with 0 or very low feedback.
An easy solution to this is to build your feedback quickly by buying about 50 auction items for $0.01 from sellers who give instant feedback.
You can even buy several times from the same seller if you find one that does give the instant feedback.

After Your First Sale

Congratulations! You'll get some emails from eBay and PayPal. If your Auto Ordering is setup correctly you'll also get some emails from Amazon or whatever the source market was about the order confirmation. If the order failed you should get an email from Easync about the order failing. Here is a link about order fails, the causes, and how to fix them.

Again, if the order was successful you'll get a bunch of emails. You might get tired of these emails after a while so create some filters on these specific emails so you don't get bothered by them. You'll get an eBay sale email, a PayPal "You've got money" email, an order confirmation, then a few days later you'll get a shipment notification, and sometimes you'll get a delivery confirmation. I have all of mine filtered out except for the eBay sale notification and the Easync Fail Order notification. So on any sale I'll only get the eBay "Your item sold" email, and potentially the Easync Fail Order email; so 2 emails at most per order.

Your buyer will have the ability to leave you a feedback and rate you on your Detailed Seller Ratings. These are your 5 star ratings, you'll only see this after 10 feedbacks have been left for you. 

1. Item as described
Buyers can always rate you on this.
2. Communication
(Buyers can't rate you on this if you don't message each other)
3. Shipping time
(Buyers can't rate you on this if the item arrives on time)
4. Shipping & handling charges
(Buyers can't rate you on this if you have free shipping)

About 25% of the buyers leave feedback on eBay. If you get a negative feedback there are ways you can have it removed and their ratings for you will also be removed. Usually you can prevent them from leaving you feedback in the first place if they ask for a return/refund or open an item not received case against you.
Here's an article for getting negative feedback removed.

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