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A big part of making money on eBay is listing thousands of listings. You won't be able to make a lot of money with 200 or 300 listings up. There just aren't enough people looking for so few items.

There are now 2 great methods on making great profits on eBay.

  1. The first method is easier to explain; this method is by using our hot items listing tool. Here's an 💥 article about Hot Items 💥
  2. The second method is by having many more listings and having high margins.
    Here's an article about this method.

You should have a goal to get to an anchor store, and list those 10,000 listings that are included with the store. You get benefits like speaking to US based support (if this is important to you) and you also get 48 hours to fix VeRO items so you can avoid suspensions. Here is an article about that if you want to read about it.
If you are just starting out this won't be an issue until you get around 4,000 listings. 4k+ is when most people get their first VeRo.

Now you just need to find out what to list. Click here to learn how to source.

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