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What is Easync and what does it do exactly?
What is Easync and what does it do exactly?

General information about Easync and our dropshipping suppliers

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What is this?

Easync is a dropshipping app. We are not only Amazon to eBay dropshipping software. With Easync you can do not only the Shopify Amazon integration but also dropship from Aliexpress to Amazon or Aliexpress to eBay. Dropshipping from Walmart is also available with us.

How to get started with dropshipping?

Dropshipping is much easier then it seems. You need to choose dropshipping suppliers. Also you can consult with best US dropshippers and make up your own business model. Calculate the margin profit. And start!

Now the system of dropshipping is clear to you we can proceed to the issue of starting sales.

1. Find dropshipping suppliers who are willing to do dropshipping. Let us warn you right away that this is not so easy to do, since this sales scheme is fraught with many difficulties and risks. So, look for suppliers and study their terms. Dropshipping suppliers sell products at wholesale prices, so the markup is up to you.

2. The next step is to create an online store. Then you should start placing listings from the catalog of your supplier (or several), but here you must remember that prices should already be indicated with your margin profit.

3. You need to register your online store at Easync. This procedure is very simple. This video will show you step by step how to start your dropshipping business with Easync

4. Run ads across all channels available to you: PPC advertising, social media advertising, affiliate programs, search engine optimization - whatever your budget allows. If you approach this stage correctly, then soon you will have the first customers with the first orders.

Where can I find best dropshipping suppliers?

Easync dropshipping app offers a very simple and effective way for people to find items they think will sell from source markets such as Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, AliExpress and more; then use our chrome tool to grab those SKUs quickly and create single, hundreds, or even thousands of listings onto eBay, Shopify, or your Amazon Seller Store quickly. You can dropship from Aliexpress to Amazon, or do Dropshipping from Walmart.

You can even create Variation Listings with us.

For those of you that actually have your own inventory/E-commerce and you are interested in using our API to help you fulfill your orders and adjust prices... please click here for more information.

How does this work?

This is a fast and easy form of dropshipping business. You don't buy items ahead of time, and you don't keep your own stock of items. You won't buy an item until it sells on your eBay, Shopify, or Amazon Seller store.
Your retail market ships the item to your buyer for you. Out of my 7,000 sales, only 2 people have asked why it came in an Amazon box so that isn't much of a concern.
I just tell them I drop ship and Amazon was the fastest form of shipment. They're always happy with this response. I've never been asked for a refund.

Our software will follow these steps when you make a sale.

  1. Recognize your sale and add the product to your shopping cart at the source.

  2. Fill in your buyers address and auto drop ship the product from the source to your buyer. We call this Auto Ordering (AO).

Easync will keep track of the price and monitor the quantity from the source. If the source price increases on Amazon for example, then your eBay listing will increase also.

If the source price drops then your price will go down to keep you competitive.
If the product goes Out Of Stock (OOS) at the source, then we'll change your quantity to 0 to keep you from selling something you can't fulfill and make your buyer unhappy.
We call this repricing

This is possible because of eBay's Good Til Canceled listings.
This saves on eBay insertion fees which really adds up.

How do people decide what to sell?

Here is an article I wrote on this topic. Amazon publishes their best sellers which is a great place to start.

What training do you provide?
We have thousands of members selling on eBay right now successfully with the help of our help guides, YouTube videos, and Facebook group.
Basically in a nutshell what you'll be doing is buying from the source market (Amazon/Walmart etc) and selling on eBay, Shopify, or Amazon.

How much money can I make doing this?
We have some sellers that make thousands per month, and others who are just starting out making under a hundred per month. It's very slow and it usually takes most people around 6 months to really start seeing 2-300 to 1,000/ month in profits. People that have done this for a year or more are making thousands per month. If you visit that Facebook page link above you can ask people about their success stories and a lot of them will even give you tips on how to be profitable.

All in all, this is a numbers game. The more listings you have on eBay, Shopify, or Amazon the better your changes are of making a sale. A grocery store with 100,000 listings will make more sales and money than a grocery store with 100 products.

How do I get started?

You can click here for a fast start. Or follow the link below for a walk through.
We offer a 10 day free trial; the trial gives you complete access to the system with no limitations or restrictions during that 10 days.

Here's an article on how to get started.


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