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What to sell on eBay? / Sourcing products
What to sell on eBay? / Sourcing products

How to Source and What to List

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🤔 What to sell

The next step people need is to know what to sell. You might have read on our Facebook page about people making great money, excited about the future, and having an awesome experience selling on eBay. Below are some tips!

  1. Create listings based on a popular seller. Learn about that here!

  2. Learn about our 💥 Hot Items 💥

  3. Scale up with a lot of items & very high margins with very little effort.

First, get Google Chrome for Windows or Mac, and our Chrome Extension.
Then pick a source market that we support and you want to sell from.
Amazon and Walmart are the easiest and most stable.
I recommend starting with a category that you think will sell very well on eBay. A lot of people just grab the Amazon Best Sellers and list all of them; then see which of their categories sells the best. From there, pick your top 2 or 3 selling categories from that point forward.
Amazon updates this best sellers list every hour so don't think you're listing the same things everybody else is listing.

🤷How many listings should I have on eBay? 

Really in the beginning you won't make a lot of sales. You might only make a sale or 2 per week. This whole drop shipping thing is a numbers game. It's all about having the most listings; tons of listings will force you to have more exposure than even some large sellers who might sell from outside the US. You can have an advantage over them by providing a much faster delivery speed by sourcing domestically; unless you want to source from AliExpress and Domestic Markets at the same time and have the best of both.

Personally, even with slow times my worst month will yield over $2k profit after fees.

⛔Seller Limits 

New eBay seller accounts have something called "seller limits".
Click here to learn about raising your limits so you can become a big seller.


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