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In eBay
You will first need to download a CSV of your existing listings on eBay. The easiest way to do this is to subscribe to eBay File Exchange (this is free).

Then choose "start using file exchange"

You'll need to click on Create A Download Request on the left bar.
Then you will see a drop down that says Listings and records. Click this drop down and choose Active.

Below that you will see the following bullet options. Be sure to select File Exchange

The date range should be set to All Active Listings by default. Leave it on this setting.
Leave that drop down the shows up on "Revise Price and Quantity"
Confirm the email address on the bottom is the correct email.

Note for large sellers! If you have several thousand listings you might not be able to download all your listings. You might get an error after a few minutes. You'll need to contact Merchant Support and request a File Exchange Support Rep to call you to increase your download limits.

Click "Save"

Click Completed Downloads on the left.
You should see the pending request that you have just made. You can click "Go" on the right to try and update the page if it isn't completed. The more listings you have the longer this will take. My 25,000 listings takes less than 3 minutes though.
Once the Status says Complete you can click Download. This will download a CSV of all your listings on eBay including the Out Of Stock listings. You'll need a Gmail account for this next part. We recommend opening this CSV in a new Google Spreadsheet.

In Google Spreadsheets
To open a New Spreadsheet click the green plus in the top left after you open the link above.
After you are inside the new spreadsheet, click File > Import. Then choose the Upload tab on the new window that opens. Now click Select a file from your computer in the blue box, or you can drag and drop the CSV file from eBay into this window if you have the download bar on the bottom of your screen.

You'll have several columns. You only need 2 of these columns. You need the column labeled ItemID (this should be column B by default) and you need the column labeled CustomSku (this should be the last column by default). Delete all other columns.

You should be left with ItemID in Column A, and CustomSku in Column B. Now delete row 1 to delete the headers. You should only have numbers in column A and skus in column B

Here is an example of what you should see. Column A is the eBay listing ID and Column B is the source market ID or the ASIN.

Now click File > Download As > Comma Separated Values (.csv, current sheet)

In Easync
You can now go to your Easync account and go to Tools > Sync Unknown Listings page. Be sure you have the correct source market chosen from the drop down list, then click "Choose File" and find the CSV you just downloaded from Google Sheets. DO NOT choose the CSV that eBay gave you earlier!
You must have the CSV you just downloaded from Google Sheets 

Video Walkthrough


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