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VeRO is when you have an image or words in your description that someone else has "digital ownership" of. They are Verified by eBay so random people can't make a claim

Our Collages and Watermarking
tool helps the most. Click here to learn more

We also offer a Blacklist tool
If a listing in a new batch is blocked you can force it to list by clicking the check box

The blacklist is specific to the market & country like eBay US, eBay FR and so on.
We update the VeRO list automatically for our members for free as well if you choose to check the box for this. (Checked by default)

Conflicts Highlighting

lets you filter listings by items that match your blacklist.

Description Validation

checks the description for Keywords instead of just the title.

The VeRO blacklist was created over a long period of time. It's impossible to predict & prevent every VeRO in the future. If a new company files a VeRO then we can't know about it ahead of time

Click to read about Counter Notices. It's important if you're concerned about VeROs

Another tip is to use an eBay anchor store. Click here to learn about upgrading.
eBay will give you 48 hours to fix them

There are also copyright, trademark, and parallel shipping violations

Trademark and Copyright are basically the same thing but they remove them immediately. Hundreds of these have never affected our test accounts either

Parallel import violations
is when you are selling something in the global shipping program that you aren't allowed to sell in EU. They give you 48 hours on these too. Just create a new shipping business policy that isn't global and move these items over by revising the listings

If you are an anchor store, and you get a restriction, and no 48 hour notice; then your goal is to try to prevent getting a violation for at least 30 days before you add new listings

The best thing you can do after a restriction is don't list anything for 30+ days.
Listings most likely to get a VeRO are new listings, we think this is because they have a lot of exposure on eBay.
So let it all cool off for 30 days before you list anymore.
Your goal now is to prevent a violation for at least 30 consecutive days

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