I made a sale but the item was Out Of Stock OOS
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Sometimes you will make a sale, but the source market is out of stock or the price increased.
There are 3 typical reasons for this that you can read about below.

🚧Automatic Ordering Disabled

First you need to check if you have Automatic Ordering enabled on your account.
If you don't, imagine this example below:

  1. You and Tommy are selling the same item on eBay from the source market.

  2. The price became very low on Amazon all of the sudden; maybe another seller at the source market lists only 1 at that very low price; now you and Tommy are selling the same thing on eBay for a very low price. 

  3. Your chances of both you and Tommy making a sale are very high because the cost is so low. 

  4. Tommy is probably using AO and he made the order before you did. 

  5. Then when you go to manually make the order all you see is a much higher source price.

    You might choose to disable AO because you want to save the 20 cents for AO/Tracking but it's worth using AO to prevent situations like this.

If you do have Automatic Ordering enabled then you need to check for 3 things.

  1. Is the price now correct on your eBay store?

  2. Can you find that same item on another source market, just Google search it and see if you can find a way to fulfill the order for your buyer.

  3. Have you reached your seller limits as explained below?

⌛Repricing timing

Easync checks prices every 15 minutes.
Another reason you might sell something that is OOS is like in the example below.
Easync checked the price and quantity at 1:00 and the source market was in stock; so your eBay listing showed in stock.
The source market went OOS at 1:05 (5 minutes after Easync did a price check)
Someone committed to purchase your product at 1:10
You now sold an item that is OOS at the source market.

This is extremely rare but it does happen where someone just happens to want something in the very small window of time during Easync's price check and source market price increase. This is more likely when a high demand item is simply running low, or maybe several sellers on eBay have this item and you all show it in stock but there's only really 1 left at the source, and then 2 people go to purchase one at similar times.

Your options are to tell the buyer that you are very sorry but this item is out of stock; or you can search other websites that might carry it; even at a higher price you could decide to just eat the loss and ship the item anyway. You can read about how to cancel an order properly without getting punished by eBay.

⛔Reached Seller Limits

You also might have reached your seller limits set by eBay. Repricing and quantity adjustments won't work if you are very close to maxing out your seller limits. You need to always keep around 5% of your limits free for Easync to allow items to go in and out of stock properly and be able to handle the dollar amount for the usage on the limits.
You'll need to check on both parts of your limits, your quantity limits and your dollar amount limits.
Click here to read about eBay seller limits and how to find out what your limits are.

If these don't apply to you, open a chat with us and we'll help you figure it out.

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