Repricing isn't working and I keep selling and losing money
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This article is similar to when you sell something on eBay but Amazon or the source market shows it to be out of stock. For that article click here.

First a few things you should check.
Look for the Candy stripe on your Easync listing like this:

If you see this you need to click error details on the right and you'll get an error explanation that will usually tell you how to fix it. Follow the instruction on the error message.

Also, check and see if you have a big red banner at the top of your Easync account that says you've reached your seller limits. If you've reached your limits we can't change your prices and quantities so you need to delist some items or lower your repricing. Learn more about seller limits here.
If you decide to delist some items go with the most expensive items first as you'll get more bang for your buck when removing listings.
Removing OOS items won't help you with limits since OOS listings don't affect your limits.

If this happens, message us AFTER you change the quantity to 0.
Change the quantity in Easync, don't do it manually in eBay YET because Easync will change it back and you might sell it again.

You'll keep selling a lot more of these if you don't because everyone else is probably selling it at a higher price, but your price is much lower. You'll be the lowest priced seller so all the people looking for the cheapest deal will buy it from you.
So make it 0 through your Easync override settings.

Manually ordering for the buyer
You can try to find the same product by doing a quick google search for the item for sale, you might be able to find it at a lower price so you don't lose as much money or maybe even profit some.
Personally, I purchased the same thing from another seller on eBay before because someone else was selling it for lower than I could have purchased it from Amazon.

If you decide to go ahead and manually fulfill an order on Amazon for your buyer, you can use our Chrome Tool to quickly enter the buyers address without worrying about mistyping the buyer's info. Here's how:

How to make 0 quantity override

You can do this by copying the Item ID for that listing, then go to your listings page on Easync and paste the Item ID in the search bar and hit enter. Then click the 'details' button on the far right. Then change the quantity to 0 and save your settings. Now you can go to the actual eBay listing, and revise it in eBay. Make the quantity 0 there too and Easync will make sure it stays at 0.

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