Amazon Locked My Account and How To Fix It
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The simplest solution
to Amazon always blocking your account is to use FBE.
It's a free service and you can read about it here.

Below is an explanation about getting your account unblocked and why it happens.
Amazon has a strict tool that they use that helps prevent hacking attempts from large databases of passwords collected from hacking groups and other tools.
The way their tool works is by blocking the login attempts after a certain number of attempts.

Easync will only try your login a few times and if we get a the failed attempts we will stop. This is to keep Amazon from thinking that we are doing exactly what I stated above.
We don't want Amazon to think that a hacking group or something like that is trying to access your account.

You can also wait a few hours and try again because Amazon knows that eventually you will try to login to your account authentically. So that period of waiting can do some good also.

This link might help you reset your password successfully also:

Amazon will do an auto "call back" feature where they call your number and verify it's you. Just let them know you are either changing your email address or trying to setup your account or something. They may ask you some security questions and you might find that you have to wait a few hours for them to finish their investigation to totally unblock your account.

You can also enable 2 Factor Authentication and complete the steps in the video.
This has always been successful at preventing lockouts.

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