I don't have a CSV or anything; I just manually drop ship
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For those of you who are already drop shipping but you do everything manually; you've got some decisions to make.
After you create an account with Easync and sync your eBay store with us, you can click on your store and go to Reports > Unknown Listings. You'll see that all your listings are recognized by Easync but we don't know where you are sourcing them from. Follow the walk-through below to get started.

Based off the answers to the following questions will determine the best method to sync your listings with us.

  1. How do you keep track of what you have on eBay and the corresponding source listing? 

1.a. You use a spreadsheet already? You can email us your spreadsheet and we can sync the listings for you.
Or you can upload the spreadsheet yourself if you'll follow this article's instructions.
1.b. You just mentally keep track or you copy paste the title into the source market? You'll have to manually enter these in the Unknown Listings page on your Easync account.
2. How many listings do you have?
2.a. If you have just a couple hundred listings you could manually enter each unknown listing.
2.b. If you have several hundreds or even thousands then I assume you have some type of spreadsheet to help you keep up with the matching; BUT if you don't then you have a big mess.
You could manually enter the info for all of them and that would take a long time but it's an option.
Otherwise, you could decide to delist all your listings and start fresh by using our chrome tool and creating all new listings so that they will be synced from now on.


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