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💥Hot Items and Best Selling Listings💥
💥Hot Items and Best Selling Listings💥

The best things to sell on ebay for profit. How to find profitable products to sell

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is our solution to helping sellers with sourcing products for their stores. 

  • We scan hundreds of millions of listings on Amazon & eBay to find out what is selling.

  • Hot items are only available for sourcing from Amazon.

  • Hot items are currently not able to be filtered for specific categories.

Your margins need to follow these repricing settings.

  • 0 percent

  • -0.01 fixed to -0.20 (Yes this is negative 1 cent to negative 20 cents)

  • 0 minimum

Here is an example! 👇

If you are using FBE you'll be credited 5% and you'll profit from this.

You should start getting emails once we create the batches for you.
You'll also notice the hot items in your listing batches and we automatically put a note that will say "Created by Easync 07/19"
If you don't approve the hot items within 48 hours they'll be deleted and you'll stop getting hot items as much.
You can auto approve all hot items and filter adult item categories here.

This chart above details the best price point to receive hot items.

Variations are automatically supported for the hot items batches. This video below shows how to approve them as variations or singles if you prefer.

Easync members that use our hot items tool have a sell through rate of around
10x higher than finding listings using normal methods.

Sales typically have a significant impact from these products. We'll continue finding popular items to sell for your store. Some days will yield more suggested listings and some days will be very low. So you will see fluctuations daily on the amount of provided listings. You won't receive batches every single day though so don't be alarmed if you don't receive them for several days sometimes.

We don't pull hot items from our existing Easync members stores; so you won't be competing with other members and you don't have to worry about us passing your hot selling items to other Easync members. The listings aren't chosen from any specific categories, they're just random.

How do I start receiving hot items batches?
Everyone is eligible that meets the requirements below, again, you need to realize that it requires very low margins to receive hot item batches. Items that sell a lot and fast aren't expensive, and they're competitively priced. We've found that your margins need to be less than 0% on your range repricing, and fixed margins -0.01 to -0.20.

If you have a brand new account we won't add hot items until after your 10 day trial has ended. It may take a few days for us to find products for you.
You should get emails regarding your batches once we send them to you.

Below are the necessary requirements to even be eligible.

  1. You need to have high limits on eBay. You couldn't have less than 100 listing limits on eBay and get hot items. Having multiple quantities can also impact your limits.

  2. You need to have over 98% positive feedback on eBay

  3. Your DSR's need to be above 4.6

  4. Very low margins 0% and -0.01 fixed to -0.20.

  5. Easync account in good standing 


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